How long will it take to ship my car?The time it takes to ship a vehicle depends on many factors which you should discuss with your auto transport company. We recommend that you leave at minimum three weeks for transporting of your vehicle but transport time can be from one day to 60 days. Factors that will determine how long your vehicle will take to ship include:
  • Market Forces - In most cases the price you pay for transport is the "market" rate to ship a vehicle from the origin and destination you specify. The markets go up and down so if you are under or overcharged for transport you vehicle may quickly catch the attention of a truck or sit on the back burner until higher paying moves are taken.
  • Distance - This is the distance between point A and point B. The number of hours a truck driver can drive in one day is limited by law. So the distance of the move is the most important factor in determining how long it will take to move your car.
  • Size of Carrier - If the car carrier your vehicle is on is small chances are your vehicle will be delivered once the driver has covered the distance from point A to point B since he has few pick-ups and deliveries during his trip. The opposite is true for large carriers. Some trucks will transport 7 to 10 vehicles at once meaning that they have 10 pickups and deliveries in addition to your move.
  • Unpopular or Popular Routes - The fact is some states and cities have more vehicles going to and coming from them than others. It is very likely that a move from San Diego, California to New York City will be much faster than a move from Big Bear, California to a corner of North Dakota. If you have an "off-the-beaten-path" type move you should be willing to pay more for a slower service because chances are the truck that moves your vehicle is going out of the way just to serve you.
Brokers may be able to provide you with more timeline estimates based on your move factors but due to the many variables inherent to moving your vehicle a specific date is usually only able to be provided if you pay extra for a guarantee service.
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