How much is it going to cost to ship car?Providing you with a cost is one of the major points of this site.Prices generally range between $400 and $1500 depending on several significant factors:

                            COST TO SHIP CAR DEPENDS ON
  • Distance & Milage - Car carriers are lucky to get 10 miles to one gallon of diesel fuel. Diesel fuel varies in price like all fuels but prices are typically between $2.40 and $3.00 a gallon. Add in all the other per-mile costs like insurance, driver salary, taxes and you can begin to calculate the variable per-mile costs.
  • Carrier Type - Open car carriers are the standard form of auto transport. If you choose to use the more premium enclosed car carrier your price will typically increase $200 to $500.
  • Location Special Factors - Most companies specialize in door-to-door service, or as close to your door as a large car carrier can get. In some cases getting close to your door may incur significant additional costs due to toll roads and/or the general hassle associated with getting to some locations. Two places in particular are Long Island in New York and San Francisco, California. With Long Island tolls and traffic can add $150 to $250 to your transport cost. In San Francisco some carriers are flat out unable to travel on some of the steep hills leading to costs to tranfer the vehicle to a smaller carrier or towing company.
  • Vehicle Condition and Value - For non-running vehicles you will incur an inop charge. This is a fee charged to winch or push a vehicle onto a truck. Inoperable vehicles will often cost an addition $150 to $300. You may also be charged additional fees if you have a collectors car or custom car with excessive value or special needs. All of these factors should be mentioned to your transport company.

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