Amtrak Auto Train Route
Car Shipping By Train - One of the Best Methods Available to Ship Your Car

After buying car online, you will need a way to get the newly purchased car to its final destination. The only real choices when shipping a car in the US are truck or car shipping by train.Most trains do not allow for private, one time transportation. The best train option is using the Amtrak Auto Train. However, there are two big limitations to this service:

        The first of these limitations is that it only travels between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, DC) and Sanford, Florida (near Orlando, Florida).

        The second limitation is, you must travel with your vehicle.

If you are like most people, you don't want to have to travel with your vehicle. In that case, the logical choice is auto transport by truck. Prices for auto transportation can vary a lot. The best way to get a competitive price is to get quotes from auto transport brokers who know they are bidding against each other.

Another option in shipping your car by train is to use Autolog's services. Auto Transport shipped over 10,000 individual and commercial cars between the Northeast and the Midwest and the West Coast in fully enclosed rail cars.

Autolog is exclusive in the fact that they are the only service to offer an enclosed rail service from the Northeast and the East Coast to the West Coast. Auto shipping by enclosed rail cars enables your vehicle to be shipped in a level automobile transporter.

These enclosed car transporters use automobile wheel chocks rather than chains to secure and tie down your automobile in transit. This auto tie-down system results in reduced chances of damage to your vehicle while being transported.

This mode of car shipping by train also shields your car from inclement weather and other pitfalls of the road. This enclosed rail service costs only an additional $100 while other comparable enclosed transporters charge $500 to $1000 additional for the service.
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