The auto transport contract should be carefully read and you should be sure that you understand it before you finalize your shipment.
In the auto transport contract, it will outline things such as what the auto transport consumer will be responsible for and what the auto transport company will be responsible for.

Below are some of the items that you may find and need to be aware of in the contract.

1. Payment options (deposit requirement)
2. What customer needs to do to prepare vehicle.  This is very important because if it is not done in such a way, and damages occur, the auto transporter may say that the car was improperly prepared for transport.  Don't give them that option.
3. What is the process on a claim.
4. Process to cancel the move
These are just some of the auto transport contract terms that you should be aware of.

If needed, ask the potential auto transport company to fax you a copy of the contract ahead of time so that you can review it in its entirety before you choose to use their auto transport services.  Most of the auto transport contracts are similiar so you will see many of the same terms if on the different companies contracts.
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