Finding reliable auto transport services can be tricky. Here's where the Amtrak car shipping service really shines. Offering a way for both vehicle and driver to arrive at the same time without actually having to drive, the service is a favorite for many who travel the route.
Amtrak Auto Train Route
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Auto train transport is an option for shipping your vehicle. A popular choice is Amtrak to do this move.Amtrak is one of the quickest and easiest ways for both car and driver to make a long trek along the Eastern Seaboard and actually transport their car with them. This mode of travel is popular among drivers for a number of reasons. Amtrak is probably one of the more popular choices for auto train transport.Running daily between the Washington, D.C., area and Sandford, Florida, the The Amtrak auto train service won't work for all auto transport needs, but it provides a great level of relief for car owners who can take advantage of the ride.Doing just that, however, requires those in need of auto transport services be very certain their vehicle meets the requirements for Amtrak car shipping. Those requirements are:
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